Paying off your mortgage may be a MISTAKE!

Just because all the dogs in the neighborhood are barking up the same tree doesn't make it the right tree, (read more).

A Smart Money Move:
Wisely Using Your Home Equity!

Yes, you can become a millionaire - even a multimillionaire - and your greatest asset is sitting right under your own roof.
(read more | Financial Playbook Magazine).

The Last of the Great Tax Loopholes!

Yes, you heard me right; life insurance is without a doubt one of the greatest financial planning tools available to Americans today!
(read more).

"The 10/10/80% Percent Rule:
Learn it, Live it, Share it! (SM)
Give 10% - Save 10% - Live 80%
� The Money Doctor.�

World Economic Report: Read, Ponder, Share!

Special Report:

Lifestyle Mega Collapse an Economic Catastrophe

What if you had known what was going to happen before the Financial Meltdown changed the world?

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America's Healthcare Crisis: It�s not the end, it's the beginning!

Special Article:

"Virtual Interactive Healthcare" � An emerging market that changes everything!

Introducing Telemedicine: A revolutionary approach to Healthcare and Lifestyle Management

What if you could receive high-quality "virtual interactive healthcare" in your home, office, school or even at the beach, anytime, anywhere at an affordable price?

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